Wednesday 5 September 2012

Alpha - come soon to a group near you!

This fall we will be jumping into the Campus Alpha program!

You do not need to be a student or even a young adult, EVERYONE is welcome to this Alpha program.  The difference is that Campus Alpha is shorter, has a different speaker (Jamie Heath) and has more video/contemporary references.  So come and check it out!

We will begin at 7pm Tuesday Sept 18th.  We will grab a coffee or other drink, sit down at tables and chairs and watch the 25 minute Alpha video.  When it's finished we will spend some time just talking about the video, questions you may have and explore some of the concepts brought up.

This is for everyone! --- You don't need to have any connection with this church (or any church), you may have been attending a church for years and wondered what Alpha is about, or you may have seen the may online video, tv ads or just been walking by.  Either way - give it a try!  It doesn't cost anything, but could give you the answers you've been looking for.

See you then!

Just google Alpha and check it out.


Start HERE!

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