Monday 23 December 2013

Christmas Events at Massey Place Community Church

Christmas Eve Service
December 24th at 6:30 pm
            This evening service is an exciting time for families from all over to come and gather on the night before Christmas to sing, celebrate and reflect on the birth of the little baby who changed our world.  It is open to everyone and finishes with songs sung only by candlelight.

Christmas Dinner – 25th 12:00 pm
             For the first year, there will be a Community Christmas Dinner hosted at our church.  It is open to everyone, if you are feeling like you would like to get together with some others Christmas day – this is for you!  You need to bring nothing except yourself.  If you can not attend this year, please make sure your neighbors know that they are invited too.  This is a simple gesture, of giving back because we have been given so much.
We only ask – that in order to prepare enough food that you let us know you are coming, either call at 306.382.8400 (leave a message) or email us at - to register.

Massey Misto House Friday 27th at 7:00 pm
         This ‘coffee house’ is open to everyone, with live local musicians playing popular music, coffee and desserts and great discussion based on a video.  We will be closed the 20th, but come on the 27th dressed in your best ‘Christmas sweater’ – free coffee for all who come in their Christmas garb!

Sunday 29th, 10:30 am – English Service
Stories of the past year
            Come join us on our last Sunday of the year as we celebrate the amazing stories of what we have done over the past year.  It will be a great opportunity for our new guests to hear and learn about who we are, and what we have done as a your community church! 

Domingo - Servicios en español a las 3:00 pm
Nuestra familia española es un creciente grupo diverso de cinco países diferentes, todos en busca de conocer y seguir a Dios mejor. El servicio está en español y está abierta a cualquier persona!

Everyone is always welcome.  We are not perfect people and we don’t expect you to be either.  Come and journey with us!

Friday 13 December 2013

Pictures - video and so much more!

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