Tuesday 17 March 2020

Response to COVID-19

Massey Place Community Church will be putting a pause on all in-person gatherings of any size until further notice.

What a tumultuous time we are living in right now.

As a church these are the times where we tend to band together and share, love, encourage and support on another through difficult days like these.  However, because of the nature of the COVID-19 virus that is exactly what will cause a rapid spreading overwhelming draw on our medical resources.  That doesn't mean however that we give up or give in.

Yes, we will NOT be meeting together BUT we can still share, love, encourage and support one another during these days.  We live in a time where we can video chat with the touch of a button, send messages with ease and even call others on the telephone ;)  I want to encourage each one who reads this to check in with someone - just to say hi and see how they are doing.

During these few days take some time to draw near to God, celebrate the good things you are experiencing in the busyness of these days and remember to cast your anxious thoughts on him.

If you are in need, please contact the church office or me (Pastor Curtis) directly we have people who want to help, we just need to know who needs the help.

Our plan right now is to live stream a modified church service each Sunday morning through Facebook and possible youtube.  Find us on those platforms and follow us there.  If that changes we will update our website.

Join me in praying for our church, community, leaders and medical professionals during this time.  God we lift them up to you!


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