Exciting Fall Kick off Sunday

This Sunday (September 15th) - we have some amazing things planned for our church fall kick off.

1. Still collecting for the MCC School Kits (for what to bring go HERE) - but the greatest item needed is the booklets - 140 page note books.  (This is what we already have collected - yep its a lot!)

2. For our kick off Sunday we are starting a new series called "Ordinary People" - come and check it out!

3. The morning service will be followed by a BBQ Lunch (and YOU are invited :)

Picture Juicy burgers and ice cream cones here.... or instead of picturing them - come and taste them - this Sunday!

4. Last on this list - but the reason for it all.... we will be celebrating with a BAPTISM!  We do this all because we know that Jesus Christ has changed our lives - and continues to transform people as the are captured by his heart, love, grace and forgiveness! 

Don't miss it!

Kick off events!

What an amazing end to the summer holidays!  Here is an amazing start to the fall season!

Sunday September 8th - My Hope Explained - come and see the Billy Graham My Hope video that we will be promoting in early November -  all about the Hope we have in Christ!

After church - on the 8th - you are invited to join our morning English service, the Spanish service and our Sister church in Delisle for the annual fall Corn Roast!  Meet at Massey Place Church at 2:00 pm for the caravan out to the roast!

Sunday September 15th - is our Back to Church kick off Sunday!  All the programs will be in full swing - and we start off with a new series --- "Ordinary People" - come and check it out!

See you all soon!