Tuesday 25 February 2014

ALPHA is starting soon!

We are hosting a Thursday night Alpha course, right here!!!

Starting Thursday March 6th, at 7pm.

The night will consist of a little music to start while we mingle and meet those sitting at out tables.  The Massey Misto House will be open, so you will have access to great coffee, drinks and amazing treats each night. 

Also - this event is open to EVERYONE!  ANY age and from ANY place!  Alpha provides a really good opportunity for people with questions about religion, Jesus and so many other deep questions.  Questions like THESE.

You can find many different video clips but here is a promo of week 2 'Who is Jesus'


Here are the two official Trailers!  Trailer 1    Trailer 2

If you want to explore all about Alpha - check HERE and you can learn about it direct from the source.

We have chosen to do the brand new Alpha videos, though they were made with teens and young adults in mind, they will impact anyone!  We want to give these one a viewing because they are brand new and it was made in and with Canadians!!!

So - reply here if you want to register - or email the church HERE or give us a call if you have any questions! (Check the 'contact' information on this website).

You are invited to come, but you are also encouraged to not come alone!  Bring a friend with you (life is always better when we do it together!)

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