Tuesday 27 September 2011

What a September this has been!  Unbelievable weather, sunshine and wind!

This have also been blowing through the church very quickly, from our Missions Sunday on the 18th, to the various fall activities we have been moving in overdrive around here.

This coming Sunday, October 2nd, we will be talking about the theme "Can I make a difference in my life?"  Can we?  Can we truly change our lives, our paths, our futures?  I believe that the answer is yes and no :)  There are two sides to the question, and yet one answer.  Come on out Sunday at 10:30am to explore this with us through the lens of the Bible.

Please also consider checking out our 'Comfort Makers' on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm at the church.  They take used materials, fabrics, sheets, linens (even a donated Wedding dress once!), and repurpose them into amazing quilts and blankets --- THEN GIVE THEM AWAY!  They have are distributed through various agencies locally and even overseas, to help people stay warm, and 'comfortable' in our cold days and nights.  You don't even need to know how to quilt, it you can operate a pair of scissors, you will fit right in!

También consideramos nuestro servicio en español, el Pastor Miguel Robles,lleva un buen grupo de varios países de español en un tiempo increíble de culto y la enseñanza domingos al las 3:00 pm.  

Let us know if you have any questions --- and May God Bless you today.

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