Monday 6 February 2012

February Events

Well January has come and gone - we are now looking forward to the amazing month of February (and we get one extra day this year!)

Some Upcoming events

Saturday February 11th, 2012, 7pm ---- Date Night Challenge!
     This is a national Focus on the Family event, we will be having some amazing desserts while watching a great video including Dr Greg Smalley, a Comedian named Jeff Allen  and music by Michael O'Brian.  This event is open to EVERYONE and the cost of $10.00 a person will provide you with some amazing dessert, great coffee (and I mean great coffee) and other drinks.  You will leave encouraged in your relationships and with a new commitment to the future!  Don't miss out and bring some friends along with you.
- to register - just give the church a call at 382-8400 or email us here.

Starting Sunday February 26th, we will have a three week sermon series from Ray Sider, he will be sharing on:  Responsible Living in an Age of Excuses:
         February 26th - The Pull of the Current
         March 4th - Against the Flow
         March 11th - Start Rowing

We are also excited to be in the final planning stages of a mission trip to Cuba.  On this trip we will be both serving the BIC church in Cuba as well as learning more about them.  Please check out the new 'tab' on this website that will have more details, fundraisers and photos from the trip - this will be the quickest way to learn more!  We have a team of 11 people heading to Cuba March 4th and returning March 11th.

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