Tuesday 17 April 2012

April News and Events

April is half finished and spring weather is almost here (some days it feels warm and sunny and some days... well... it snows).

We have had a busy few weeks at the church, a wonderful Easter weekend and the many other events created a wonderful buzz of activity around our families, the church and community.

However we are not finished!

April 18th, Ray S. will be leading another Laugh your way to a better marriage seminar.  These are Wednesday nights at 7pm, for only four weeks.  If this interested you, if your married, planning on being married or like anyone who is married (or of the opposite sex) - we encourage you to come on out, it's only four weeks and it could spur on great things in your lives!

April 22nd, We have a denominational Town hall meeting for all our leaders and other interested in the future direction of the denomination.  Please just email or call Pastor Curtis for details.

April 29th, Our morning english service will be focusing on our kids, well actually the kids are getting ready to focus on us!  It's our annual Kids Service, they are preparing songs, skits and all sorts of other things to lead us in, during the church service.  It will be a fantastic service, don't miss it!

May 12th, There is a conference coming to town called "Survival of the Weakest" - it is being run/hosted at Lakeview Free methodist church, but we have two unique opportunities as a church: - 1st for the 1 day conference we have discounted tickets for all our regular church attenders, call/email me for details.  2nd we get the amazing opportunity of hosting one of the keynote speakers for a special 'home address' - Saturday evening.  Ron Sider will be join us (and 30-40 of our closest friends :), for a interactive evening - Google Ron Sider to take a peek at the many books he has written, this will be a great weekend!

There are many other events - programs and exciting things happening - but these are to just wet your appetite!

May God Bless you all this day - and in the weeks ahead!

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