Friday 12 February 2016

Have a Heart for Jesus? February 14th!

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Goodseed TERM Seminar in Saskatoon

Saskatoon, SK
Sat. Feb 13, 2016
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
905 Taylor Street East
Saskatoon, SK S7H 1W3

You can find out about Goodseed by visiting their web page.

Goodseed has materials in several languages including Spanish!
Goodseed tiene materiales en varios idiomas, incluyendo español!

Sunday Services
Everyone is welcome!
9:30 am - Small Groups are following the Sermon Series
                 Brett (or others) will give Leadership to the conversation!
Come early and get a coffee, hot chocolate or your choice and join in!

10:00 am - Prayer for the Morning Service                 

10:30 am - Pastor Curtis - God's Plan for Marriage

Children's Church this week! Don't let your children miss it!

All our Children's Church staff have taken our Plan to Protect Program!

Iglesia en Español

Sunday afternoon

Spanish Service
Sunday School - 2:00 pm
Service - 3:00 pm
Encontrará en Facebook!

Living and Learning Classes

Small Groups follow the Sermon Series 
Join a Group for Fellowship and Growth

See the Groups under Gathering Events! 
There is always an invitation out to join one of the Groups!

Interested in our "So You decided to follow Jesus!" 4 or 5 week (depends on some of the content) introductory study? Call the church at 306-382-8400. These are conducted with a one to one (or two) approach and can start at any time as leaders are available!

Gathering events

Sunday afternoon Small Group - Kotanko - 2:30 pm

Monday morning Small Group- 10:30 am - Church Library

Monday evening Women's Group - 6:00 pm - Church Library

Monday Evening Small Group  -  Zoerb's - 7:00 pm at Zoerb's house

Tuesday morning 12: 00 - Comfort Makers (quilting and blanket making)
If you are interested in cutting, sewing, pressing, creating designs, matching colours, tying blankets or seeing the smile on people's faces when they get a blanket they really need - you should join us!"

Wednesday - 7:00 am - Men's Fellowship breakfast.
                                      Grainfields on Circle Drive.

Wednesday eve - 7:00 pm - Spanish Church Prayer Gathering

Thursday Men's Small Group Study 1:00 pm at Boyenko Residence 
Please note the change! Contact the church for directions.

Sunday  - 9:30 am - Small Group - Church Library

Upcoming Events

Starting February 14th "Secrets of a Satisfying Marriage"!

February 21st - Pastor Ray Sider - Good Marriages Don't Just Happen
February 28th - Pastor Ray - How to Affair Proof Your Marriage

Check out these events in February as well!

February 21st - Communion and Fellowship meal! 

Finish off the day with The Winter Party at the Saskatoon Christian School!

Everyone is welcome to join us from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 
Bring a friend as they are welcome!

February 26th and 27th
Laugh Your Way to A Better Marriage 
Weekend Workshop!
Registration through the church office. 
Call 306 382 8400 to register!

Check out these events - Saskatoon and area!

MCC Connects

Please pray for all those involved in restorative justice work in Saskatchewan, including victims of harm, offenders and volunteers. MCC Saskatchewan partners  with organizations like the Micah Mission (Saskatoon) in various programs, such as prison visitation (P2P) and helping ex-offenders reintegrate into their community (CoSA). If you would like to hear about opportunities for getting involved, contact Randy Klassen at MCC Sask. @ 665-2555 or

The Micah Mission is currently in need of 20 volunteers for it's CoSA program. Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) seek to assist offenders to reintegrate into the community upon their release from prison. Community volunteers assist released high risk sex offenders to lead responsible, healthy and law-abiding lives by offering friendship, support, and accountability with a commitment to No More Victims.

If interested in learning more, contact Gordon Koop 306 382 3114, text 306 380 3116 or Dave Feick, Coordinator @The Micah Mission  306 653 3099.

Useful Links This Week

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