Friday 22 April 2016

April 24th! Last Sunday of April!

Massey Place Community Church

Sunday Morning! 

10:00 am - Prayer for the Morning Service                 

10:30 am - Pastor Curtis - Stories of Hope - The Church and Mental Health - Part 2

Children's Church this week! Don't let your children miss it!

More news coming soon!
All our Children's Church staff have taken our Plan to Protect Program!

Iglesia en Español

Sunday afternoon

Spanish Service
Sunday School Hour - 2:00 pm
Sunday Service - 3:00 pm - Pastor Miguel Robles

Living and Learning Classes
Sermon Based Small Groups Begin the week of April 10th!
Groups available so far:
Monday am: Boyenkos
Monday pm: At the church
Monday pm: Zoerb Residence
Mid week: Schierling Residence Martensville
Thursday pm: Boyenkos

Call the church for details.
There is always an invitation out to join one of the Groups!

Interested in our "So You decided to follow Jesus!" 4 or 5 week (depends on some of the content) introductory study? Call the church at 306-382-8400. These are conducted with a one to one (or two) approach and can start at any time as leaders are available!

Gathering Events! 
Tuesday morning 12: 00 - Comfort Makers (quilting and blanket making)
If you are interested in cutting, sewing, pressing, creating designs, matching colours, tying blankets or seeing the smile on people's faces when they get a blanket they really need - you should join us!"

Wednesday - 7:00 am - Men's Fellowship breakfast.
                                      Grainfields on Circle Drive.

Wednesday eve - 7:00 pm - Spanish Church Prayer Gathering

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Sermons

May 1st - Pastor Curtis - Stories of Hope - The Church and Mental Health - Part 3
New Series Begins - May 8th with Pastor Ray Sider
May 8th - Pastor Ray - Who Me! - A Servant?
This is Mother's Day - Breakfast will be served!
May  15th - Pastor Ray - Who Me? Set Apart to Serve!
May 22nd - Pastor Ray - Who Me? What Shall I do Then With Jesus Who is Called the Christ?
May 29th - Pastor Ray - Who Me? Observer or Participant!

June 3- 5 Special Guests John and Eloise Bergen - More details to follow.
Check out their website -!

Music & Comedy Night

Please join us for a fantastic evening of comedy by Leland Klassen and music by Dan Macauley on Saturday, May 21st at 7:00pm.  The amusings tour is a ‘perfect blend of the sacred and the silly.’ Dessert and refreshments will be available before and after the show.  Tickets are $15 each.  For more information, please visit

Mark the Date
Please mark your calendars for the weekend of June 3-5th.  We will hear Kenya missionaries, John & Eloise Bergen’s incredible story.  They were missionaries in Kenya who were attacked at home.  We will hear about their journey to forgiveness.  Learn more about them on their website,Bergen's Mission

Check out these events - Saskatoon and area!

MCC Connects: If you volunteer at the MCCS Material Resources Centre or are part of a group that makes blankets or kits, you are invited to a Volunteer Appreciation Tea at 3:00pm on April 20 at the MCC Centre (600-45th St W, Saskatoon). RSVP to Jerry Letkeman at 306.665.2555, ext. 243 or by April 18 if you plan to attend.
Plan to be at the Summer Kick Off Service
Sunday June 26th at Pike Lake!
If you are interested in Baptism this is an opportunity! 
Call the church!

Useful Links This Week

Global Impact -  BIC Canada Global Ministry

Visit - BIC Canada on their website!

Spanish - BIC Spanish Resources

Other Resources
Saskatoon Marriage Network 
The Lighthouse - Saskatoon
The Bridge - Saskatoon

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