Friday 24 June 2016

June 26th - We are off to Pike Lake

The church has gone to the Lake for this summer Sunday!
Plan to join us!
Details are on the Resource page for this week!
Just scroll down to June 26th!

Here is a shot of some of the group last year!

Living and Learning Classes

Interested in our "So You decided to follow Jesus!
A 4 or 5 week (depends on some of the content) introductory study on faith. 
Call the church at 306-382-8400. 
These are conducted with a one to one (or two) approach and can start at any time as leaders are available!
Gathering Events! 
                                Comfort Makers (quilting and blanket making)
                                 Quilting is done for the season!
Thanks to the ladies who made so many blankets and other items to give away!

Monday morning Bible Study at Boyenko's, all are welcome! Study to be decided.

Wednesday - 7:00 am - Men's Fellowship breakfast.
                                      Grainfields on Circle Drive.

Wednesday eve - 7:00 pm - Spanish Church Prayer Gathering

Thursday at 1:00 pm - At Boyenko's - Studying 1 Timothy. All Welcome!

Upcoming Events

We want to hear from you!
This summer we will have a series of ‘hot topic’ sermons, including guest speakers from in and outside our church body.  If you have a suggestion, please email them to the church office

Check out these events - Saskatoon and area!

Useful Links This Week

Thessalonians: Faith in Uncertain Times

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