Saturday 30 July 2016

Last Sunday in July! July 31!

Sunday Morning!

10:00 am - Prayer time - Pastor Karen's Office

10:30 am - Morning Service - Pastor Curtis 

Come prepared to Worship! 
Leading Worship - Guest - Jylisa Knull

Iglesia en Español

Sunday afternoon
The Spanish Church Congregation are meeting at Camp Kinasao on Christopher Lake this weekend!
Find the way here!

Living and Learning Classes

Coming soon!

Wednesday - 7:00 am - Men's Fellowship Breakfast
Grainfields on Circle Drive.

Wednesday eve - 7:00 pm - Spanish Church Prayer Gathering

Thursday at 1:00 pm - Bible Study at Boyenko's for anyone who can join us!

Upcoming Events

Sunday Sermon Topics and Speakers

August 7th - Speaking - John Hein - Genesis 3
August 14th - Speaking - John Hein - Genesis 3
We want to hear from you!
This summer we will have a series of ‘hot topic’ sermons, including guest speakers from in and outside our church body.  If you have a suggestion, please email them to the church office

Useful Links This Week

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