Friday 4 November 2016

Massey Place Community Church

November 6th!

Sunday Service

10:00 am - Prayer time - Pastor Karen's Office
10:30 am - Pastor Curtis speaking
What on Earth Am I Here For!
We Were Made For A Mission

Children's Church Time

All our Children's Church staff have taken our Plan to Protect Program!

Come prepared to Worship!


Iglesia en EspaƱol

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Sunday afternoon

Sunday School -  2:00 pm

Sunday service - 3:00 pm

A Sower went forth to sow!

Living and Learning Together

8:45 am ~ English Worship Practice – (Sanctuary)
9:30 am ~ Small Group (Library)
10:00 am ~ Pre-service prayer (Pastor Karen’s office)
1:00 pm ~ Small Group (Church)
6:30 pm ~ Small Group (Hampton Village)
12:00 pm ~ Comfort Makers (begins October 11)
7:00 am ~ Men’s prayer breakfast (Grainfields on Circle Dr.)
6:00 pm ~ Spanish Prayer meeting (Library & Sanctuary)
7:00 pm ~ Youth Group (gr. 6-12) meets 2nd and 4th Wed.
8:00 pm ~ Spanish worship practice (Sanctuary)
10:00 am ~ Nurturing with Rhymes (Fellowship Hall)
1:00 pm ~ Small Group/Bible Study (Boyenkos-Stonebridge)
6:00 pm ~ Spanish meeting (Library & Sanctuary)

Upcoming Events

Pick up an event calendar at the Information Desk this week!

11.06 There will be a Taco Buffet TODAY at 5:00pm in the hall provided by the
Spanish congregation as a fundraiser.

11.09 The next youth meeting will be Wed., Nov.9th. 
Meet at the church at 7:00pm for a games night.

11.19 Men’s Breakfast at the church. All are welcome!
Invite your friends! Meet 9:00am.

11.26 Craft Sale & Trade Show. 9:30am- 3:30pm. 
If you’d like to book a table, please speak to Marg W. ASAP.

11.27 Annual Business Meeting at 1:00pm following lunch.

Sunday Sermon Topics and Speakers
November 13th - TEEN CHALLENGE are our Sunday Morning Guests! 
You can link to their website.
November 20th - Pasor Curtis
Novemebr 27th - Advent - Hope - Pastor Curtis speaking

Useful Links This Week

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