Thursday 22 March 2018

Massey Place Community Church

Sunday  March 25th 2018
Palm Sunday Service 

Sermon Series with
Pastor Curtis Zoerb:

God's Amazing Grace 
II Corinthians 5:11-6:2

Morning Service - 10:30 am

Special music from
our children's church kids 

 Children's Church

Kids dismissed after first worship set

Be sure to check the Children's Ministry Page for Information!
All our Children's Church staff have taken our Plan to Protect Program!

Come prepared to Worship!

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Iglesia en Español

Sunday School - 2:00 pm
Main Service 3:00 pm

A Sower went forth to sow!
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Living and Learning Together

Sunday  March 25
9:00 am - English Worship Practice – (Sanctuary)
10:00 am - Pre-service prayer (Karen's office)
10:30 am - English Worship Service  (Sanctuary)
3:00 pm -  Spanish Worship Service (Sanctuary)

Monday March 26
9:00 pm – Spanish Worship practice (Sanctuary)

Tuesday  March 27
1:00 pm - Comfort Makers (Basement)

Wednesday March 28
7:00 am - Men’s prayer breakfast (Grainfields on Circle Dr.)
7:00 pm - Youth Group (gr. 6-12)
8:00 pm - Spanish Prayer meeting (Sanctuary)
9:00pm  Spanish worship practice (Sanctuary)

Thursday March 29
1:00 pm - Small Group/Bible Study (Boyenkos-Stonebridge)
This groups alternate space will be at Grainfields Restaurant

Friday March 30

10:30 am - Westside Fellowship of Churches
Good Friday Service 

At Sutherland Evangelical Church 

8:00 pm – Spanish worship practice (Sanctuary)

Saturday March 31
Alpha and Experiencing God Studies

Both being hosted at the church
5:00 pm -  Starting with a supper 
and then start both studies @ 6pm

Email Prayer Requests to
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Upcoming Events

March 30 2018 @ 10:30am

Good Friday Combined service
April 28 2018
Ladies BIG Cook
Details to come

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