Thursday 6 August 2020


It is finally here!  This week we will be opening back up for in-person church services!   Sunday, August 9th!

Now - I will give you a little bit of the details here - attached is a sheet with the full list of guidelines we will follow for meeting in-person. 

First - I know some of you are VERY happy to be able to meet in-person again... I also know that some of you are NOT able to meet in-person right now. If you are later, don't worry!  we will still be live streaming our services for you!  (There will be an adjustment to live steaming for our tech people - so please be gracious with us while learn and grow).  We are also still fundraising for equipment to make this live stream the best we can for those that can't meet in person. 

If you are coming in person we ask the following: 
- Please self-monitor - if you are feeling sick or have symptoms like a cold/flu please join us on our live stream.
- Follow the directions/instructions we have been provided (see attachment)
- Here are the highlights:       
        - The pews are spread out to provide 2m (6 foot) spacing.         
        - Please bring a mask if you wish to sing.  Masks are not required for walking in/listening to the sermon... but are required while singing.  (I will be wearing a mask - so you are welcome to wear one if you choose!)  If you don't have a mask we will have some available for you.       
        - Remember to be gracious with everyone - this will be a familiar but also really different experience for everyone!       
        - We will ask you to either wash your hands or use our hand-sanitizer when you enter the church.       
        - Limit washroom use - and only one person in the washrooms at a time.       
        - We will also be keeping attendance like we always have!       
        - We will ask EVERYONE to help clean your own seat/pew following the service.  Everything will need to be sprayed/wiped down to keep our Spanish families safe too!       
        - There will be no coffee/food served.  The coffee machine is turned off - BUT you are welcome to bring your own!       
        - Children will stay with their parents BUT we will have some tables set up at certain pews for families with little ones who would like to colour, draw or do other activities (we will provide a few sheets but please bring your own activities too!) 

What we really need to remember is that this is a difficult time for many, and there are some of us who have real health struggles.  We want to start meeting - but we also want to make the risk of transmission as low as possible, remembering that most carriers of Covid-19 don't know they are carrying it.  So we will always err on the side of caution, putting others needs ahead of our own preferences... (Sounds biblical doesn't it?? if it doesn't look up Philippians 2:3.) 

For those watching from home:- Live streaming is new to us... it will take us some time to 'get it right'- We don't yet have the equipment required to do it well... we are still fundraising for this and it will take some time to order it.- Our back up is to put a cell phone on a tripod and hit 'live'... the video and sound quality may be poor - but it is only temporary until we get the streaming equipment installed and up and running. 

May God bless you this week!

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