Tuesday 1 June 2021

Meet our guest speaker for June 6th - Jolene Agent

The guest speaker for this week is Jolene Agent. She has been the custodian at Massey Place Community Church and has also been an active member of the church through her service on the worship team and with the Youth. Over the years she has found great interest in going on mission trips and is excited for when she can go back to Cuba and help those in need. More recently, Jolene has also become a member of the leadership team and continues to find ways to serve within this church.

NOTE: With the move to Phase 1 of our city reopening, we are no longer needing to take part in pre-registration so please join us this week as we listen to Jolene speak.

If you are unable to join us, below are the links to our Facebook and YouTube pages where we post live videos of our services every Sunday morning at 10:30. 

Click here to visit our YouTube page.
Click here to visit our Facebook page

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