Thursday 23 August 2012

Fall Schedule & Events

There are so many different things happening this fall!  I'm just going to list them all out below.  If you have ANY questions about them please email the church HERE - or post a comment and we will respond as quick as possible.

Also - check out our Facebook page HERE.

Mixed throughout this list are various LINKS to take you to more information - We hope your fall is shaping up to be just as fun as our fall!

Massey Place Community Church
Fall Events

6 – Thursday 7pm – Leadership Introduction night (at the church)
9 – Sunday 3pm – Corn Roast/Service with Delisle
16 – Sunday – Fall Kick off service!
21-23 – Mens fishing trip with Delisle Community Chapel

8 – Thanksgiving Sunday

2-3, Empower 12 – Praying for God’s heart, Seeds of Revival
2-3, MCCSK, Annual General Meeting
9-10, Womens Journey of Faith (talk to Sandy S.)
25, Sunday 1pm – Annual Budget & Business Meeting
28, Tuesday 10am – 3-5yr old Christmas Cookie Decorating (Community
       Association Program)

4, Tuesday 7pm – Holiday Karaoke Night (Community Association Program)
24, Christmas Eve Service

Fall Weekly Schedule!

9:30 am – Prayer & Sunday School
10:30 am – English Worship Service
2:00 pm – Spanish Sunday School
3:00 pm – Spanish Worship Service
7:00 pm – Leadership Small Group

1:30 pm – Bible Study at the Boyenkos

9:30 am – Nurturing with Rhymes
-        Registration with Sharon Baby @ 242-6036
10:00 am – Cookies, Coffee, Cards & Games, (Adult)
-        Registration through Community Association*
6:30 pm – Spanish Worship Team Practice
7:00 pm – Kids Musical Theater & Hip Hop Dance (6-14yrs)
-        Registration through Community Association*

7:00 am – Mens Breakfast at Grainfields on Circle

9:00 am – Comfort Makers – quilting & tying
7:30 pm – Zumba with T.  (first class is free!)
-        First class free – check it out & register @
-        Email @ HERE

6:30 pm – Spanish Worship Team Practice

9:30 am – English Worship Team Practice

·       Community Association Registration is at Vincent Massey School, Sept 10th 6:30-8:00 pm or Bishop Klein Sept 12 6:30-8:00 pm.  Or email with any questions.

The start and end dates all vary, so check your bulletins which you can find online at

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