Friday 16 January 2015

January 18th at Massey Place Community Church

Sunday morning January 18, 2015

Adult Sunday School to be announced
Prayer for the church                         -  10:00 am
Morning Service
Pastor Curtis sharing about Zambia  -  10:30 am

Sunday afternoon
Spanish Sunday School - 2:00 pm
Spanish Service - 3:00 pm 

Living and Learning Classes and Opportunities 
Small Groups
Starting Feb.1st, a new Sermon Series will begin on the Book of John. Please stay tuned for more information on how to get involved in a sermon-based small group study that fits your schedule. If you are interested in leading or hosting a group at your home, please speak to Pastor Curtis, Pastor Karen or Clayton Wiebe.

Living Together
Monday am Bible study now at the church - Call the church for details
Men's Fellowship breakfast at 7:00 am Wednesday morning at Grainfields on Circle Drive
Men's Bible Time - Grainfields on Circle Drive - 1:00 pm. Thursdays
(at the back of the restaurant) Study in Proverbs 

Upcoming Events 
Monday, Jan.19th, you are welcome to meet at 7pm in the fellowship hall at MPCC with the Zoerb family to see pictures and hear more about their recent trip to Zambia.

Sunday January 25th - Pastor Ray Sider will share insight into the prayer of Jabez.
Massey Place Community Church Annual General Meeting after the morning service. A fellowship meal will precede the meeting.

Useful Links This Week FormaciónMinisterio en español - comprobar el enlace Check out the article "Catch the Vision!" How to pray for your Leaders! Mennonite World Conference is in Pennsylvania, USA in 2015 July 21 - 26

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